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Some art, just because. *g*

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Wow. I forget how pretty TW is, then I see him in comparison to Ian S... It's very impressive when you can out-pretty Ian. *g*

I like all three. The third one is relaxed and kinda funky, the second one just screams "We are trying to be a serious band. Really..." but the first one's my favourite.

Ethan just looks so drunk. *bg* I can just imagine him thinking of a dodgy pickup line... And Clark looks like he's searching the room for Lex...

*wanders off with happy Spectacles thoughts*

Thanks for the eyecandy!
Aww... yay! I'm glad you like them!

Hee... and I like the "we're a serious band" comment, too! ;)
Gah. I am going to die of the prettiness.

The second is my favorite, I think, but they're all gorgeous.
Thanks, Erica! I swear, I wasn't trying to kill you, though. ;)
ah-ha! you stuck ethan's head on raine's body! you can't kid a canadian, my friend. the last one's our lady peace, too, right? thomas in jeremy's number 7 shirt?

these are amazing. you are amazing, slod.
Hee! Well, you know, I was just looking for pretty pictures of bands with four folks, so I took what I could get. Should have known those Canadian eagle-eyes would catch it, though. ;)

Glad you like, dear!