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Luthor announces new venture for company and son.

Metropolis, KS -- January 25, 2008 -- With the introduction of Ancient Records, Luthorcorp extends its reach into the world of music. While the label is to remain a subsidiary of Luthorcorp, Lionel Luthor's son, Lex, will act as CEO and creative consultant. Leaving Princeton with an MBA, this is the scion's first chance to prove his worth in his father's company. Ancient will be based in Metropolis, and sign bands from all over North America.

The young Luthor has built up a formative roster, but he's not afraid to play favourites. "Ancient has to come out running, and, with The Spectacles, I think we have a chance to win."

The elder Luthor was not available, but commented via his spokesperson, saying, "Lex has the complete support of Luthorcorp behind him, and I wish him much success with this venture."

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