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live in metropolis

originals and covers

music is my boyfriend
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The Spectacles are:

ethan Ethan: vocals, guitar
It'll always be his band. The name was his and so are the songs, but Ethan writes best with Clark fumbling on the acoustic guitar. He doesn't say that out loud. He's never had a friend like Clark and Ethan doesn't want anything to change.

clark Clark: bass, vocals
The hardest part isn't learning the chords or how to read Ethan's scrawled notes. Clark practices two months straight before he agrees to join Ethan's band, but it's one last push that he needs. Lex stands backstage at the first gig and Clark steps out in front of the crowd.

thomas Thomas: keyboards
Thomas has known Ethan the longest, but you wouldn't know that, even after an entire evening with the band. He doesn't take up much space, with his body and his words. His mother thinks Thomas' talents are going to waste in a rock band. "I can't even hear you under that boy's screaming," she says over Sunday dinners. But Thomas doesn't play for her anymore.

astrid Astrid: drums, vocals
Astrid wears sneakers behind the kit, and mary janes everywhere else. Maybe it's overcompensation - too many years of being 'one of the boys'. Charlie likes her mary janes, and Astrid knows that's a stupid reason, but it makes her warm inside.

The Supporting Cast is:

lex Lex: the boyfriend
This isn't what his life was supposed to be, but this is what it is. He'd always thought that Clark could be cool if he tried. Lex just really didn't expect him to try. Of course, Clark had some help and now Lex is dating a musician, a bass player. Clark has a whole new set of excuses for being late these days.

franny Franny: the artist
Rolling Stone was always going to be a fallback. Franny wanted to create art that said something, that meant something. High school was about the things that were dark. She's finding that college is about red suspenders, raw music, and Franny can't wait to get on the tour bus.

charlie Charlie: the muscle
Astrid insists that she can lug her own kit, but Charlie likes to do it. It's really the only thing he can do. "Roadie" is just one level above "Towel Boy", but it makes Charlie feel part of the group. And it's always worth it for the look on Astrid's face while she plays.

simon Simon: the roommate
Sometimes your college roommate is your best friend, and sometimes you only tolerate each other. Simon and Clark are somewhere in between. Simon's only just discovering sex, so he doesn't have all that much time for friends. He makes time for Clark. Girls love the boys in bands and Clark is Simon's next best thing.

ben Ben: the semi-regular
Ethan doesn't always fit into his life, but Ben always seems to be coming back. Something about being able to say he fucked the lead singer, even back in high school, when the lead singer was 'that guy who's always writing poetry'. Casual's easier in college, even with the new dark haired boy at Ethan's side.

austin Austin: the fan
He's the guy, sitting just off to the side, who will tell you that he knew the Specs when. If he could bring himself to talk to you, and if you could understand the words among the stammer. Austin's been waiting his entire life to be old enough to get into the bars. He loves t-shirts and garlic bread and live music that's too loud to talk over. He loves the Spectacles.
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